The Company

i22Le Barbaterre was born more than ten years ago in Borgonzano di Quattro Castella in Emilia Romagna at the foot of the Appenine mountains in a sunny and windy area, at an average of 330 mt, in the heart of the “Terre Matildiche”.

Le Barbaterre company was built following the best environmentally sustainable techniques and the respect for environment is still its leading  goal.

Le Barbaterre  is totally environmentally friendly. It uses solar panels and biomass boilers to provide energy for the entire farm.

These peculiarities were deeply sought by the owners of Le Barbaterre, who wanted to share their environmentally sustainable-life philosophy, in touch with nature, to produce organic, healty and natural products.

The Winery

Le Barbaterre winery was born in 2005 and has the organic certification “ICEA” for its wines. The grapes come exclusively from the owned vineyards and the wine production is endorsed using typical vinification techniques. The winery has a welcoming tasting room, where people can try the wines, from our typical Lambrusco to our fine and elegant traditional method.  We can arrange visits to the winery, the estate and the farm. Info and reservations: phone 370 3492038, e-mail:

Farm holiday

Scenic farm holiday

A unique experience in a vacation spot, situated on traditional and thousand – year- old hills.

A dinner in an amazing atmosphere with a strong attention to details.

Info and reservations: phone 0522 247573 – 370 3492038 e-mail:

Our Wines

wines as “bio comanda”

Our wines are inspired by the past, to be produced with modern techniques and love.

Direct selling at the farm. Info: phone 370 3492038, e-mail:




Other products


Our food products are healthy, natural and ….delicious!

Our production is entirely organic, certified by ICEA and follows our tradition.

All products are completely natural, chemicals free, promising wholesome food with very high quality standards.

We do not produce only organic wine but also: honey, olive oil and wine vinegar.

How to find us