Extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is organic, unfiltered and of highest category. It comes exclusively from our olives (Leccino, Casaliva, Maurino, Pendolino e Urano) and it is obtained directly by cold extraction of olives and solely by mechanical means .

We choose the best olives and press them immediatly after the handpicking, without any other intervention.

Our extra virgin olive oil has a natural low acidity which guaratees the highest quality standards.

Wine vinegar

Our wine vinegar comes only from organic grapes.

We use only the traditional method to respect the raw material.

We don’t force the process and we don’t use heat treating, so that the vinegar can keep all the flavours of the wine.

It is a lively vinegar, unfiltered and not pasteurized.

Honeydew honey

Le Barbaterre honeydew honey comes from the indigenous essences available on our territory (cherry-trees, Hawthorn, red fruits…)

This honey has a dark amber color, almost black, thick and not too sweet.

It has a balsamic effect, useful against cold and anemia due to its high content of minerals and iron.

Our honey has a special and strong taste that makes it perfectly paired together with fresh and medium aged cheeses.