Food and wine hospitality in Emilia

Our region excels not just for its food but also for its hospitality and lifestyle, transcending all stereotypes in this regard. Barbaterre has the atmosphere of an authentic location, in which the hours and the days flow by at an unusually slow and measured pace, where visitors can unwind and regenerate their body and spirit. But Emilia is also known as a land of innovation, so our chef has reinterpreted the ingredients traditionally used by the rézdore, the women of Reggio Emilia who did all the home cooking in the old days, creating traditional recipes with original crossovers. Also, because of its special location, anyone stopping for a meal at Barbaterre, whether sitting indoors or out on the large terrace, can enjoy a spectacular view, with the vineyards, the rolling hills, the gullies and the centuries-old woods offering a picture of rare and incredibly unspoilt natural beauty.


The region

A multifaceted culinary tradition

The first place that immediately springs to mind when talking about food and cuisine, typical dishes and products of excellence in Italy is definitely Emilia Romagna. The city and province of Reggio Emilia are situated in the middle of the so-called Italian Food Valley, an area in the Emilia region stretching from Piacenza to Modena and a real treasure trove of food preparations, PDO products, recipes and delicacies that attract visitors from every corner of the world. The dining tables of Emilia feature a host of gourmet products like Parmigiano-Reggiano, Felino salami, Parma ham and traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and Reggio Emilia, to name a few. Emilia has come to play a major role among the various Italian and world cuisines thanks to a unique combination of traditional know-how and recipes as well as to a new generation of cooks and chefs who have made Emilian food a leader in the global restaurant industry. At Barbaterre we strive to keep in step with this trend, promoting local products with an eye on diversity and crossovers.

Our ingredients

Organic also in our food

We pay exactly the same degree of attention to preparing our meals as we do to growing our vineyards and making our wines. Our simple rules for catering to our guests are to use only the freshest products, to prepare our dishes with the utmost care and to provide a friendly and informal service. The idea behind the dishes created by our chef is to strike a balance between the characteristics of Reggio Emilia’s traditional cuisine and the current trends in contemporary cuisine. The recipes are steeped in history and know-how, sometimes enriched by a search and fascination for new products and ingredients. There is also a focus on dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients while also ensuring that they are light and easy to digest. Barbaterre is thus the ideal place to stop for a meal, a haven of good food, tranquil surroundings and natural beauty.