Capès is our interpretation of this vine now present in every part of the world.
We have therefore drawn a personal version of it, far from the stereotypes which just want it a wine with body and structure.
Capès is an agile Cabernet Sauvignon that does not renounce a certain strength, endowed with aromatic depth and fullness of taste. The mineral signature of the Barbaterre soils is also maintained in this wine making the drink intriguing and elegant.

grilled meats, first courses of filled pasta, medium-aged cheeses


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Bottle size

750 ml

Grape variety

100% Cabernet SauVgnon


The soils are clayey-calcareous in nature, facing south-east and located at an altitude of about 300/350 meters above sea level.



Tasting notes

At sight it shows a compact deep ruby red. It is a wine of aromatic depth in which herbaceous notes, clear aromas of plum and raspberries and subtle references to sweet tobacco stand out. On the palate, the tannic imprint is present but never intrusive, supported by the softness of the fruit. It is enhanced in the finish on hints of spices and undergrowth.

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