Lambruscante represents the challenge of obtaining a classic rosé method from the same grapes used for our refermented Lambrusco. Harvested and vinified at different times to obtain the right degree of ripeness, grasparossa salamino and malbo gentile are the triad from which Lambruscante takes shape.
This wine aims to be the missing link between the dynamic expression of the Lambrusco reggiano and the refinement of the classic methods produced in Barbaterre.
The result is a wine that blends in the bottle the free-range identity of Lambrusco grapes with the refined craftsmanship of sparkling wine making.

Excellent as an aperitif but will be the protagonist on the table on freshwater fish and dishes of the Emilian cuisine.


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Bottle size

750 ml

Grape varieties

lambrusco grasparossa, lambrusco salamino, malbo gentile.


They are located on clayey-limestone soils, facing south / east at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level. The average age of the plants is 14 years.



Tasting notes

The perlage stands out for its finesse and richness enhanced by the brightness of salmon pink. In the glass emerge notes of black cherry, black currant, a harmony of undergrowth combined with the vehemence typical of Reggio Lambrusco. On the palate it is kept in balance between a dense texture of fruit and the pounding energy of Lambrusco.

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