Reggiano in the soul. We think this is the best presentation of this wine, which already underlines its belonging in the name. Arsàn in dialect means precisely “Reggiano”, true and straightforward like the taste of this Lambrusco.
Born from an appropriate combination of grasparossa, salamino and malbo gentile grapes, it is a wine which express the authentic character of Lambrusco refermented in the bottle according to a method which belongs to the Emilian wine tradition.
Lambrusco from the hills according to Barbaterre’s vision.

Traditional “gnocco fritto” with traditional cured meats, priest’s hat and mashed potatoes, mixed boiled meats, freshwater fish.


Bottle size

750 ml

Grape varieties

Lambrusco Grasparossa, Salamino, Malbo gentile


They are located on clayey-limestone soils, facing south / east at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level. The average age of the plants is 14 years.


11,5 %

Tasting notes

Bright purplish red, rich and generous foam, aromas of red fruits, vinous and herbaceous notes, a pure and vivid taste with a mineral finish given by our soils.

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