Besméin Capolegh

Marzemino is certainly not one of the most cited grape varieties when it comes to viticulture on the Reggio hills. Yet Berzemino, as it is locally called, has always been present in the rows of farmers in these areas. The Besméin Capolegh, or luxuriant berzemino, from Barbaterre is a local reinterpretation of the variety of Trentino origin. It is in fact a rosé refermented in the bottle, which winks at the ancestral tradition of the area, but which has personal peculiarities: a lively sparklingness, an enthralling “drink” and a flavor that invigorates the sip. Drunk with a platter of cold cuts it will give great satisfaction but on a fish soup or a bouillabaisse it will amaze.

Fish soups, oriental cuisine, Emilian charcuterie


Grape variety

Marzemino 100%


Located on clayey-calcareous soils, facing south / east at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level.



Vintage and bottle size

2016 (750 ml), 2017 (750 ml), 2018 (750 ml)

Tasting notes

The appearance is that of a rosé with coppery hues.
On the nose it begins timidly with aromas of rose and then releases intense notes of strawberry and small red fruits. Drinking it you can perceive a refreshing acidity combined with a sapid tone of remarkable workmanship.

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