Lambrusco dell’Emilia Frizzante IGT

Our wine is made mainly with Grasparossa, Salamino and Mallo Gentile grape varieties. Slightly wild it is very fruity with a balanced and earthy finish.

Rich and lively, our Lambrusco is elegant and dry at the palate.

Alcohol content 12% vol.

Besmein Capolegh Frizzante Rosè IGT

“Besmein” means Marzemino, in the vernacular of Reggio Emilia, and our wine is made with 100% Marzemino grapes. It has vibrant and tempting colour  followed by mature fruit hints underlined by the bubbles.

Alcohol content 12% vol.

Sauvignon dell’Emilia Frizzante IGT

Our sparkling Sauvignon comes from 100% Sauvignon grapes. This  wine reveals its old roots through a good complexity. It is crispy, salty and rich of peculiarities. This wine  is very versatile.

Alcohol content 11% vol.